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Each time I preformed in front of an air show crowd, the excitement I felt was unmatched. It allowed me to share my passion for flight, expressing a freedom most people don’t experience. Air shows fulfill dreams for people of

all ages. Their responses are the best payment I ever received! Enjoy Sandi’s airshow memories.

Tom Poberezney, President and Chairman

Experimental Aircraft Association


Sandi was a vivacious, bubbly and energetic pilot and wingrider when I first met her. I knew my association with her, which lasted over 25

years, was going to be great. During her illustrious career, she flew hundreds of airshows, no mishaps, and thrilled thousands of people. The revelations of her thrilling exploits leaves one in awe and amazement. Truly, a great lady telling a great story. — Bill Bordeleau, owner

Continental Air Show Productions


Anyone who loves flying will certainly enjoy the flying adventures of Sandi Pierce Browne. Her humor and joy of aviation will benefit flying

enthusiasts of all ages. We can all be thankful that she has chosen to share her aeronautical experiences with us. — Suzie Azar, owner

Blue Feather Aero/Former Mayor, City of El Paso


What a woman! What a book! Seemingly written from the cockpit. All who read Touch the Sky will be inspired to achieve. I first met Sandi at an airshow in 1972. She was just too pretty to ride the wing of that biplane and then she did an entire airshow in her own plane as a pilot.

Alan Russell, Inspired Aviator for life and owner of Tecma, Inc.


Author Browne, a licensed pilot, walks on the wings of aviation history by chronicling her fascinating experience as an aerial stunt performer in the 1960s-70s, for which society and family exact a heart-rending penalty. This is a well-written, must-read memoir with a timeless

message. — Shaughn Marlowe, author of Under the Lion's Paw

Join with Sandi in a true story of a young woman’s love of flying as she turns her world upside-down, both in the air and on the ground. Whether flying her Great Lakes biplane inverted close to the ground or waving to the crowd from the outside wing of her husband’s Stearman, Sandi’s love for challenge and freedom pull her into a passionate world of adventure where friends and mentors die while life plays out its joys and betrayals.

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